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Management Services

We offer management services to streamline and coordinate processes to provide control over the sequence of product and service development from concept to delivery.

Management Process Analysis and Modification Services

We offer services to analyze, recommend solutions and implement fixes for development processes. They are:

  • Analysis
    • Project-level workshops to analyze the workflows and find duplications or barriers
    • Use of tools to measure project development efficiencies (Control charts, progress tracking, risk resolutions, assumption impacts, etc.)
    • Team assignments and deliveries
    • Tools for development (Applications, version management, update integration, data storage, testing, etc.)
  • Resolution
    • Presentation to project leadership on recommendations
    • Planning process modifications to have least impact on the project during improvement modifications
    • Implementing modifications using project staff to engage staff in ownership
    • Measuring and testing improvements using industry best practices
  • Web solutions
    • Identifying and recommending web hosting companies based upon needs and staff capabilities
    • Web testing of boundaries, links, page structure and field definitions
    • Evaluation of web hosting support capabilities and resolution history
    • Evaluation of security structures and DMZ forms request handling

Staff Training

We offer training to develop better teams and processes that help measure team member accountability. They are:

  • Team structure interaction
    • Teaching processes used for team communications, project reviews, approvals and risk resolution
    • Instructing members on requirements, test, measurement and defect reporting methods
    • Teaching the team on requirements, test and defect resolution tools use needs
    • Teaching and walking the team through a release approval excercise including customer acceptance testing
  • Metrics and control:
    • Use of control charts in the tracking process
    • Project assessment and management of the impact of development bottlenecks and unanticipated delays
    • Crisis management and tracking
    • Development of user acceptance criteria and testing

Staff Mentoring

We work onsite with team members to help them work through project process issues that may require more development or additional communications between supporting teams. The services we provide are:

  • Developing worksheets and workflow charts with individual team members for their specific needs
  • Walking team members in active meetings and activities to help transition processes to practices
  • Helping team member to gain the best value from metrics and resolution tools
  • Explaining the rationale for certain process steps and involving team members in the use of those steps or discovering better methods to replace weak process steps
  • Involving each team member in understanding their impact in the success of the final release of the product or service

Providing Solutions to Corporate Leadership

We provide assistance to senior corporate executives in analyzing and recommending changes at the corporate level to enhance the ability for the business to get high quality product out quickly with few bugs that’s user friendly. The services we provide are:

  • Working with executives to clearly define needs and concerns
  • Analyzing the area of need to determine impact of the need on the company, areas of resistance to fixing the need and approaches for resolving the need
  • Reporting on the condition of identified needs using best business practices and metrics
  • Locating experienced providers to resolve issues discovered during analysis of the need
  • Assisting executives in brainstorming solutions to resolve identified needs
  • Identifying determination as to when a solution is completed (i.e. the exit plan)