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Management Books

The Barbarian’s Guide to Management

ISBN No: 9780985226619



Amateurs with Egos

ISBN No: 9780985226640



In business, we create and sell products and services. It all looks so simple. But what about the details that go on behind the scenes to develop, build and get that product to market?

The typical manager will spend most of his or her day dealing with issues with people and their perspectives, biases, opinions and thought processes. What’s most unnerving is that no two people think or act alike. There are common characteristics people of the same culture share but in this world, we are managing a mix of cultures. On top of all this there is the increasing complexity of tools, methods and practices.

This book looks at a number of touch points that every management person from entry-level manager to senior executive should look at and understand in order to bring order out of chaos.



We continue to see deterioration in the quality of products and services while slowly losing our understanding of how people work in our corporations. This book tells how we got into this problem, why the management of people is becoming so difficult and what we need to do to get back to being the purveyors of world class products. It also addresses the question on when is a new hire ready to take on a management role.

It’s a matter of getting back to basics. Understanding how people think and what motivates them. Getting away from the fads and back to what management is all about. The culture constantly changes but the needs and drivers that move people don’t. This book takes you into the basic rules of human nature and what leaders need to do to make people work effectively.