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Fiction – Biblical History

The First Real Christmas

ISBN No: 9780985226626







History – Vietnam

Trouble on the Grand Canal

ISBN No: 9780985226633




We see the nativity scenes with Joseph and Mary looking down at the Christ child in the manger with shepherds, animals and three kings looking on and the star above the manger. The problem with the nativity scenes is that they portray far from what the true scenes and events actually were. Things like:

  • Mary riding a donkey to Bethlehem
  • Joseph and Mary arrived in Bethlehem at night
  • Jesus being born the night Joseph and Mary arrived in Bethlehem
  • Jesus was born on December 25th
  • There were three Magi
  • The Magi were kings
  • The Magi arrived the night Jesus was born
  • The shepherds brought their sheep with them to the manger

These perceptions have grown into the story of Christ’s birth, yet the truth of the events and understanding the influences that led to many of the events have been lost over the years. In order to get a better picture of what may have occurred around the time of Christ’s birth, we use a fictitious story discussing how Matthew and Luke may have collected the information. However, the events and political influences around Christ’s birth are based upon the known culture and events of the time.



1970 Vietnam. Warfare with no rules, little protection and many enemies. It wasn’t the battles that wore you down, it was the expectation that the next moment could be your last memory. Fear, fatigue and heat was as great an enemy as the insurgents. Mix into this the giant chess game being played by strategists in far away places as they plan your missions. What appears real may not be and what appears easy may take an unexpected turn.

This is the true story of one day, April 21st, 1970, experienced by one sailor in the backwaters of the Mekong Delta of Vietnam. A 24 hour period where the enemy threat is not so much the physical as it is the mental, where reality appears more of a game. A dangerous game repeated day after day where no one knows the rules but the outcome is very real.