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Fiction – Espionage

Unsanctioned Protocol

ISBN No: 9780985226664

On July 18, 2015, U.S. intelligence indicated that a Russian lab in Iran was nearing completion of an advanced 500 kilowatt laser weapon that had the capability of removing aircraft and missiles from the sky at long distances and the potential of making air combat obsolete. In response, the U.S. Navy devised a mission as part of a bigger operation, called ‘Tin Cup’, to go into Iran to delay or stop Russia’s ability to create such a weapon. For seven days, the success of the mission rested on a small group of people accidentally thrown together through a series of unexpected events. This is the story of that mission.


ISBN No: 9781951655013



Breaking Protocol


ISBN No: 9780985226688



Three pictures. Sent from a U.S. Congressman’s office to a North Korean General that is intercepted by a U.S. intelligence team. What do the pictures mean, what is their intent and how is the congressman’s office involved.

The Office of Naval Intelligence assigns a small team to analyze the pictures and determine their use. What starts out as a simple code-breaking task turns into a nightmare involving foreign agents, Washington, DC politics, shadow governments and deep state players. The team not only has to deal with international intrigue but American assets working against them as well. On top of this, they must also work against the clock and they’re almost out of time before they even begin.

In the midst of all this, they discover the real plan of North Korea’s nuclear intentions and that the plan may already be in play.

ISBN No: 9781951655020




Diversion Protocol



ISBN No: 9780985226671


In espionage, diversion is the primary tool used by the agent to get the enemy looking at something else while the objective is attained. It is the tool of survival for the foreign agent.

The CAT205 Team, an undercover team of the Special Operations Group of the Office of Naval Intelligence, is tasked to find out about a potential threat emanating from somewhere in central Asia. Words like ‘assassinate’, ‘test run’, ‘swarm’ and ‘global shift’ are picked up in several messages that become suspect. The team must find out what the threat is and who is involved.

As they work through the many barriers, they find that the threat is greater than anyone thought and the technology used is beyond the ability to defend against it.

It’s a game of cat and mouse except it’s hard to see who is the cat and who is the mouse.



The Programmer’s Widow

ISBN No: 9781951655044







A break-in at a government contracting facility. Theft of a software package that provides advanced learning and, by extension, increased capability to robotic systems without human intervention.

The theft started as a protest by a college group to stop artificial intelligent (AI) development until they knew more about what the technology would become. They steal a software program that can strategize, collaborate and learn from other artificially intelligent machines. They see the risk as they realize that what humans design will inherently exhibit human traits.

As nations race to steal each other’s AI designs, few consider the possibility that those designs may be becoming intelligent enough to be planning something themselves. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE – The ability for a machine to control an activity and learn as it does so without human intervention. A benefit for mankind or so we are told. But as with all technology, the influence of human biases can turn that benefit into a nightmare. The machine that can learn about tasks and sequences looks to be a boon to mankind but can it learn morals and compassion? And what if the programmer decides to get personal benefit and power from their design?

ISBN No: 9781951655044



What people are saying about Unsanctioned Protocol and Breaking Protocol:

Breaking Protocol was a great read. I’ve read most of Tom Clancy’s books and this is definitely better than his books. I felt I was right in the middle of the action as Mr. LeDoux’s descriptions were detailed to where I could imagine the scenes and the people in each of the parts of his story…he also made me think on what North Korea’s real plans were.” – Frank Bruno, Menifee, CA

Great books. I read both Unsanctioned Protocol and Breaking Protocol. Couldn’t put them down. Great action and made me wonder if the author was involved in these stories as the events around them seemed similar to things happening in the world. I even looked up North Korea’s rocket launches and found the story matched the exact time and date of one of them.” – Carla Kammers, Melbourne, FL

I found myself reading Unsanctioned Protocol until 2 AM in the morning. I was so entrenched with the story I lost all sense of time. Truly a great spy novel.” – Dave Wayman, Monument, CO

Wow! This book rocks! I really enjoyed it! Unsanctioned Protocol by T. James LeDoux should be turned into a movie! I just finished it and could hardly put it down. His style of writing is very easy to follow. Best of all, there is lots of action and several surprise twists within the story. The book is very well-written.” – Dr. Dan Price, Aiea, Hawaii