Alpha Group 3 LLC started in 2002, providing management and technical consulting services for project management, testing and workflow improvements for numerous Fortune 500 companies. We aided companies in removing impediments in their development workflow processes as well as help development team members to understand and adjust their methodology to lessen the negative impacts their actions had on product quality and delivery.

In 2016, Alpha Group 3 LLC set up the publishing and book marketing arm of the company. We found that many of our clients wanted to get quick access to management books provided to our clients and later discovered that they also wanted access to our historical and fiction books.

Our espionage fiction series, with a focus around the international competition for new technologies, became the ‘Protocol Series’ and became quite popular with a large cross-section of our client base. As such, we decided to offer these books to the public as well.



Books and Publishing

Our books and publishing services include:

  • Books
  • Publishing Support





Management and Technical Services

Our management and technical services include:

  • Web testing
  • Web hosting recommendations
  • Team analysis and implementations
  • Team Training
  • Team mentoring
  • Team management
  • Trade secret protection practices
  • Trade secret theft investigations
  • NDA methods, practices and forms

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